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Managing your J1 program doesn't have to be complicated. Our online platform let the stakeholders collaborate seamlessly.
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Easy Onboarding

No more scanning and storing of paper forms. Online applications with real time review mechanisms with commenting workflows.

Jobs Marketplace

A wide range of jobs for the students and overseas partners to browse and apply from

Job Fairs

Comprehensive online job fair with slots management and calendar integration.

Placement Workflow

Interview management, offers management, DS requests, Flights, Monthly Check-ins.

Electronic Signature

Vetting of applications through secured digital signatures

Advantage J1ffy!

J1 Sponsors can avail benefits which includes Easy Onboarding for Sending Organizations, Employers and Participants. Also, J1ffy provides Staffs and Permission sets management, e-signature capabilities, Interviews Management (including skype integration), Notifications for all process triggers and SEVIS Batch Integration.

J1FFY provides Participant's Digital application process, store participants details which is accessible through cloud, 360 degreee view of participants using Briefcase, Assign participants in a Job through Marketplace, Staff Management and participants impersonation feature.

J1FFY allows participants to browse Jobs by themselves to get placed. Participants can submit their Monthly monitoring forms via J1ffy. Participants can keep away from contacting Sponsors/Agencies often by managing their profile digitally.


J1FFY provides real time integration with our internal SEVIS Batch Solution to submit student records to SEVIS system real time once a participant is confirmed with their placements. This relieves the program companies from all the technical hassles involved in creating a batch program for them to submit their records. It also allows them to keep track of the status of the batch once they are submitted. For failed records in a batch, it also allows them to fix the issues on the fly in the system and re-submit.

Also, for program companies, who has their internal database but need support on SEVIS batch integration, they also have an option to sign up for the batch program separately.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I avail free trial?

We will provide you access login for two weeks. To avail this free trial, please reach us using the "Talk to us" page.

Do you sign Service Level Agreement?

Yes. We do sign Service Level Agreement that comes under Jurisdiction of Delaware US. However, if there is any change in the state of Jurisdiction, We are also open to change the state of Jurisdiction as per your needs. You can reach us using Talk to Us to receive a draft SLA template.

Can I do SEVIS Batch with your platform?

Yes. You can. Our platform allows you to submit DS form request to SEVIS realtime once a participant gets placed on a job. The platform also allows you to keep track of the status of the submitted batches.

What are the different cultural exchange programs that are supported in platform?

Currently, we support Work & Travel and Internship & Trainee program. However, our platform is extendable to other programs with a minimum lead time. For more information, please reach us using the "Talk to us" page.

How Secured is my data?

All data uploaded are securely stored in Azure database that can be accessed only by system IP ‘s from the network of OBS. The database is secured by a credentials (username and password) that are available only with authorized personnel. Data that are transported over public domain are encrypted with a very strong authentication, message privacy, and detects any unwanted message tampering, interception and forgery. The Batch Solution platform is configured behind a HTTPS protocol which provides a secured channel for any data transferred to / from Batch Solution. All data uploaded is available only for authenticated users from the client office.

What is the minimum uptime you guarentee?

Our uptime depends on the guaranteed uptime of MS Azure. It typically maintains 99.5 percentage. However, there are periodic maintenances that we schedule, which shall be communicated to all our subscribers with adequate lead time.

What are the advantages I have in using jiffy over storing my applications in cloud platform like Dropbox, onedrive etc, that I do today?

J1FFY is a cloud based online database that allows you to go digital from your current process. In your current setup of using the cloud storage applications like Dropbox, OneDrive etc, you still deal with the scanned version of the paper forms which automate your process nor allows you to collaborate with stake holders real-time. For more detail refer to "Meet J1FFY" section in the home page.

Should I choose to develop online database specific to me rather than using J1FFY?

J1FFY is developed with over 13 years of experience which involves tremendous amount of time and learning various cultural exchange programs. In contrary, developing a custom application is an option even though it demands lot of investments in terms of time, effort and cost. It also needs a reliable technology partner with a partnership mind-set to meet your objectives. We recommend you to take a call after signing up a free trial and talking with us.

How much do you charge?

We feel one price does not fit all. Typically, we have one time setup cost and ongoing per application fee. On an average the total cost of ownership of using our platform does not exceed 2 percent of your overall application cost. Please provide us bit more detail by clicking "here". So, we can provide you an estimate.

Where is my data stored?

All the data uploaded into J1ffy is stored in our secured virtual machines hosted on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud data centre located in the West coast region of North America.

What kind of backup options do you provide in my data?

We typically store your data for a period of three years in our cloud database. Post completion of three years, we shall assist you in taking backup of your data for an additional fee as prescribed by the cloud service provider.

If I subscribe to your platform but want to exit. how do you go about it?

There are no exit barriers or hidden costs! You can just quit using, as long as our due invoices are paid. There are no additional recurring or transactional charges. You will still have an ownership of data generated in the system during your active subscription period. We will provide you with copy of all your data in .csv or .xlsx or any other preferred DB formats.

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