Centralized Participant Communication

through In-App Messaging, Notes, Commenting Workflows, Check-in Provisions

J1FFY Lite

Participant Mobile App for ease of use and communication


Workflows to generate position offers and DS 7002 for TIPP programs

Dedicated Portals

for Participants, Partners and Host Organizations.

SEVIS Batch Integration

Real time integration with SEVIS through J1FFY Batch

Care Desk

a Centralized Incident Reporting & Management App for Participants.

Electronic Signatures

e-sign capabilities for both standard and non-standard templates

Digital Compliance Packet

create your compliance packet on the fly without any manual hassles.


Replicate Your Processes for no additional cost.

Personalize Your

Custom Information

We allow you to custom choose your information needs from our directory of information collection that we have crafted with our decade plus years of experience working with different stakeholders in the cultural exchange industry

Customize your application workflows

We provide not only option for you to choose custom information that you need but we also allow you to define when you need the information to be collected within the different stage of the application processing. We allow you to decide if you need an information section in the application process as part of onboarding a participant or prior to their placements or after their placement.

Recruitment Pipeline

The sponsors can choose how they wish to manage their applicants' recruitment pipeline. They have the option to choose if they want to use our inbuilt recruitment pipeline or assign applicants directly to placement information.

Documents and Paperwork

Allows every sponsor to define what are the paperworks they need to collect as part of the application process. They can also choose to define if a specific document needs to be collected using any of their standard templates or using non-standard templates from the end users. The sponsors can also define when they need the documents in their process based on which system will send reminders.


Configure your process reminders with editable message content, recipient details and reminder lead time.


Allows you to define and configure your contracts with electronic signature capabilities.

Pricing Templates

Generate invoices in the system based on pre-configured price template and process triggers. You can also define who the payee shall be with payment leadtimes.

Payment Gateways

Currently supports electronic payments through stripe. Can receive payments via multiple modes that are supported by Stripe, who is the market leader.

QuickBooks Integration

Maintain your financial source of truth with your existing accounting packages like QuickBooks by passing on the invoice information and payment statuses to QuickBooks.

Our Pricing Plans .

One price need not fit all!

Our "Volume" based pricing is catered to organizations of all sizes.

We deliver "Value as you Scale"

Choose your volume range

Are you a growing organization with less than 100 applications per year? We got you covered with our custom pricing.
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Applications per year

Pay $0.0 towards

  • Set-up
  • Customization
  • Training
  • Support
  • Maintenance

The rates mentions here are only for approved application We charge $2.99 for each unapproved application


J1FFY Standard

A complete package of
J1FFY features


Per Application

    Batch Plus

    All features from J1ffy Standard + SEVIS batch integration


    Per Application

    All features
    SEVIS Batch Integration

    Testimonial .

    entire range of j1 visa and other cultural exchange programs.

    Currently has the following programs using J1FFY.

    Summer work & Travel

    Teachers program

    Traninig / Internship


    Au pair


    How long can I avail free trial?

    We provide a standard free trial for a period of 2 weeks. However, you can extend your trial period by writing to us at sayhello@jiffytheapp.com.

    Should I choose to develop online database specific to us rather than using J1FFY?

    We will keep the existing answer

    Do you sign Service Level Agreement?

    Yes, we do sign Service Level Agreement. Our service agreement covers all the critical aspects of your programs covering Content and Data Protection, Data Security, Platform Updates related clauses, Payments / Charges, Third Party Integrations, Termination Clause, Governing Laws and other General aspects.

    How much do you charge?

    J1FFY offers 2 packages, J1FFY Standard and Batch Plus @ $9/ approved application and $ 12/approved application respectively. We initially deduct 99 cents when a participant account gets activated. Once they get approved, we will invoice the balance. Invoices are created on monthly basis on an itemized statement basis. We will provide you with our sample invoices during the free trial period for you to get an idea.

    Can I submit DS form requests to SEVIS from your platform?

    Yes, you can do. If you opt for Batch Plus package, we provide you access to our batch platform through a single sign-on option. The platform is built with a workflow to queue to participant records eligible for batch and submit these records to SEVIS on a batch basis

    What are the different cultural exchange programs that are supported in the platform?

    At present, our platform supports Summer Work Travel, Teachers, Training and Internship. If you do not see your program type in our list, please do not worry. Send us a note @ sayhello@jiffytheapp.com. Our platform is configurable to new program types. Our typical lead time to accommodate new program type is 3 to 4 weeks.

    What are the advatage I have in using J1FFY instead of collaborating with my partners and participants through cloud platforms like OneDrive, Dropbox etc?

    J1FFY is created considering the day to day hassle, the staffs of exchange companies need to go through. It is very different from cloud storages like OneDrives and Dropboxes since it allows you to maintain your entire J1 program digital. It will give you with a transformative experience. You are no more required to take printouts or scan or schedule interviews etc offline. Everything is managed at a single place. In J1FFY, 70% of workload can be managed from a single screen. It is not just an another online platform but a platform created for J1 staff users to have a great digital experience. Feel free to take a free trial and experience it.

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